Meditation, Sex & You

Posted: May 17, 2009 in Life, Osho, Quote, Thoughts, you
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Meditation is the secretmost method of going beyond the body and all that the body contains. Sex is part of your body, your biology, it is not part of your consciousness. The moment you start rising up in your consciousness, sex is left far behind. Naturally, at the age of thirty-one one starts wondering, “Something seems to have gone wrong…. Nothing has gone wrong, everything has gone right. You should feel blessed that you are free from the greatest imprisonment of your being. ~OSHO

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  1. ivee says:

    you know – dear Blogger – sex = always sex – superficial gym – i prefer gym in a work-out studio – but not in bed – in bed LOVE SHOULD RULE only love – because only love creates a difference – nothing else but love… THANK YOU FOR THAT DEEP insight you share with us 🙂


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