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“I don’t tackle individual problems. My whole approach is that there are millions of diseases, but there is only one cure, and that cure is meditation. “~Osho

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  1. vikas ahlawat says:

    i am felling very tens now a days please help me

    • gerry says:

      Its cool man.
      Our own lives are painful in many ways. just leave all the religious/political nonsense aside and get into the stillness in meditation. Get comfy in ur own way, realax ur body (move ur feeling around ur bits and let them go). Breath slow/deep, but without effort. pick out a point – anything/where, and fix your gaze. let thoughts rise and melt. Just observe. now and again, ur mind will still, and you WILL feel content. This is what it is about. There is no limit. lol, GT

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