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Whatsoever the situation,

Love is unconditional;

it doesn’t depend on conditions .. Osho

  1. Subhuti says:

    THE FAMILY has been, as long as we can remember back into the past, the basic unit of the society — A VERY INSANE UNIT, AND IT CREATES THE WHOLE SOCIETY. Each generation transfers its cancer to another generation.

    When I say LOVE HAS TO BE UNCONDITIONAL, it means you are not expecting anything from the other. You are not expecting the other to be someone else, you are simply loving to the other as he or she is.

    And your unconditional love will make you unattached to individuals. IT WILL BE JUST AN AROMA AROUND YOU, you will be a loving person. You will love the trees, you will love the sunset, you will love a woman, you will love all that this universe provides you.

    Right now, THE CONDITIONAL LOVE IS LIKE AN IMPRISONMENT: two persons who don’t like each other are holding each other in imprisonment. It is a strange thing. If you don’t like the other, say good-bye. But you cannot say good-bye because you are afraid he may enjoy himself somewhere else. It does not fit with your jealousy, he has to be happy with you. A husband does not like his wife to be laughing, to be happy with another man; neither does the wife like such a situation.

    So it is a very strange situation in which we have placed humanity. And unless a great awareness happens, that THIS IS OUR FUNDAMENTAL MISERY, you cannot be freed from this hell that you have made of the earth. Lovers, the so-called lovers, I mean, are more like detectives to each other than lovers — jealously watching what the other is doing… Every letter is opened, every pocket is searched.

    Om Mani Padme Hum
    Ch #28: Start with meditation
    am in Gautam the Buddha Auditorium

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