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To seek a master is to seek somebody in whom you can recognize, somebody who becomes the proof ~ in whose being you can taste something of the divine; in whose eyes you can glimpse and see something of the divine; in whose love you can feel something being showered; in whose song you can feel, you can know beyond doubt, that the infinite is flowing. The master is nothing but a reed, a flute ~ an empty flute, an emptiness. God flows through him. If you can recognize it, already you yourself have become one with it. Now others can recognize it in you and it can spread.

~ Osho ~

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The greatest art is to attain a balance between all opposites, a balance between all polarities. Imbalance is the disease and balance is health.

“If you want to get out of misery, you will have to get out of your desire for happiness – then nobody can make you miserable.”

“My whole teaching is just be yourself, never interfere with anybody else’s freedom.¬† Freedom is my ultimate value.”

“If you want life, then for life there is no fixed road.

Life is here and now, multidimensional, spreading in every¬† direction.”

“There is nothing higher than life.

To live it is to be religious.

To live it totally, to squeeze the whole juice of it,

is what will make you the holy man.”

“A man who respects himself suddenly finds himself respecting the whole universe. He cannot humiliate anybody, he cannot be disrespectful to anybody.”

“Always remember that the fresh,

the present has to be totally lived,

and anything that hinders has to be dropped.”