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To seek a master is to seek somebody in whom you can recognize, somebody who becomes the proof ~ in whose being you can taste something of the divine; in whose eyes you can glimpse and see something of the divine; in whose love you can feel something being showered; in whose song you can feel, you can know beyond doubt, that the infinite is flowing. The master is nothing but a reed, a flute ~ an empty flute, an emptiness. God flows through him. If you can recognize it, already you yourself have become one with it. Now others can recognize it in you and it can spread.

~ Osho ~

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God is alive when you are alive.
If you are not alive,
how can your God be alive?
Your God is yours.
If you are dead, your God is dead;
if you are alive, your God is alive.
Your God cannot be more than you,
because your God is your innermost core of being.
So if you want to know what God is,
become more alive.
If you want to know what God is,
become more divine.
If you want to know what God is,
then don’t try to
know — try to feel.
He comes through the door of the heart.
Osho ♥

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Truth is – you need not invent it.

And, whatever you invent will be untrue – all inventions are lies.

Truth has to be discovered, not invented.

“just find yourself and you have found everything. there in no other GOD,

there is no other heaven. there is nothing except your flame of life.”

This is the Glory of man. He is very small but bigger than the sky, because something in him is unique – the inquiry.

“My whole approach is of celebration. Religion to me is nothing but the whole spectrum of celebration, the whole rainbow, all the colors of celebration.”

“The true innocence happens only after you have reached your very core through awareness; that is the second birth, that is the second birth, that is resurrection – you are born a new.”

“Your being is a mystery. The more you know, the less you know it. The deeper you go, the more you see the infiniteness.”

“Harmony is happiness, and harmony is heaven.

And harmony happens only when  you are in tune with the whole.

To be  with the whole is to be holy.”

“Be silent and you will understand not only about Zen, you will understand the very essence of existence itself.”

“Prayer is meaningless if it is not out of alertness. And  a man of alertness need not have any prayer – alertness is enough unto itself.”

“Give to existence, and it will be returned to you a thousand fold; but never ask. Religion is not for beggars, it is for EMPERORS – those who can give.”

“Meditation, if it is true, is bound to overflow into compassion. Just as when a lamp is lit, it immediately starts radiating light.”

“There is nothing higher than life.

To live it is to be religious.

To live it totally, to squeeze the whole juice of it,

is what will make you the holy man.”

“Be thankful for what has been given to you – and life is giving you so much that your thankfulness is always going to fall short.”

Whole of life has to be your temple
Work has to be your worship
Love has to be your prayer
This very body the Buddha, this very earth is Lotus Paradise.

“Man is a musical instrument, but we do not know how to play upon it. Great music is hidden in everyone, but it has to be stuck.”

“A full material existence with a full spiritual life – that is wholeness. And that is my message to you.”