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Remember, whenever you have two things, two alternatives, choose the new one, choose the harder, choose the one in which more awareness will be needed. At the cost of efficiency always choose awareness, and you will create the situation in which meditation will become possible. These are all just situations. Meditation will happen.
I am not saying that just by doing them you will get to meditation — but they will be helpful. They will create the necessary situation in you without which meditation cannot happen. Be less efficient but more creative. Let that be the motive. Don’t be bothered toomuc h about utilitarian ends.
Rather, constantly remember that you are not here in life to become a commodity; you are not here to become an utility, that is below dignity;. you are not here just to become more and more efficient — you are here to become more and more alive; you are here to become more and more intelligent; you are here to become more and more happy, ecstatically happy. But that is totally different from the ways of the mind. ~Osho
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“I don’t tackle individual problems. My whole approach is that there are millions of diseases, but there is only one cure, and that cure is meditation. “~Osho

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“The new man will live out of meditation, out of consciousness, out of his own inner light. The new man will be an individual.” ~ Osho

  • Meditation is not against action. It is not that you have to escape from life. It simply teaches you a new way of life ~ you become the center of the cyclone. ~ Osho

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  • When you are not doing anything at all ~ bodily, mentally on no level ~ when all activities has ceased and yousimply are, just being, thats what meditation is. ~ Osho

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Meditation makes your consciousness wider, expands it, makes it as big as the sky. It can contain infinite love, infinite joy.” ~ Osho

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“Witnessing is the whole secret of meditation, the master key to all the mysteries of existence and life.” ~ Osho

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“Just as love is individual, so is meditation. And to me, religion only means one thing: meditation, going inwards and exploring your consciousness.” ~ Osho

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“We need a new kind of human being who has both wings – the wings of knowledge, science, technology and the the wings of meditation, enlightment, love, freedom.” ~ Osho

” Only a meditative person can be a loving person, and only a loving person can be meditative, because both are going beyond the unconscious mind.” ~ Osho


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“to know other is knowledge; to know oneself is bliss. And to know others without knowing oneself is just futile, a wastage of energy.”

Meditation is an inquiry, a search, a polgrimage towards your own center. And the person who knows himself cannot do anything wrong.

Morality is needed by blind people. Meditation gives you eyes to see. With your eyes, you cannot do anything immoral. It is just impossible.

“To me, meditation is a living relationship with the total existence that surrounds you. If you can be in Love with any situation, then you are in meditation.”

“If you are a meditator, as your meditation goes on becoming more and more luminous, your intelligence will be growing to the last breath of your life.”

This is the Glory of man. He is very small but bigger than the sky, because something in him is unique – the inquiry.

“The world is simply noise, there is no music. Music is in deepest recesses of your being – and that music has to be heard in all the noise of the world.”

“Meditation means a pilgrimage from out to the in, from the without to within. Once attained, even if you want to lose it, you cannot lose it.”

“Your trust in the total opens all your sensitivities to their extreme. This whole existence becomes a sheer dance, a sheer celebration.”