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Me, time of happines :))

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“When you see a flower, let your whole being become the eye.
When you look at a flower, do not think.
Let the total consciousness either see or hear or smell or taste or touch.
Then invisible becomes visible.”
~ Osho

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Remember, whenever you have two things, two alternatives, choose the new one, choose the harder, choose the one in which more awareness will be needed. At the cost of efficiency always choose awareness, and you will create the situation in which meditation will become possible. These are all just situations. Meditation will happen.
I am not saying that just by doing them you will get to meditation — but they will be helpful. They will create the necessary situation in you without which meditation cannot happen. Be less efficient but more creative. Let that be the motive. Don’t be bothered toomuc h about utilitarian ends.
Rather, constantly remember that you are not here in life to become a commodity; you are not here to become an utility, that is below dignity;. you are not here just to become more and more efficient — you are here to become more and more alive; you are here to become more and more intelligent; you are here to become more and more happy, ecstatically happy. But that is totally different from the ways of the mind. ~Osho
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Love is the only religion, the only god, the only mystery that hAs to be lived, understood.  When love is understood, you have understood all the sages and all the mystics of the world. ~ Osho

L i f e

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A comfortable, convenient life is not a real life —

the more comfortable, the less alive.

The most comfortable life is in the grave.

If you are alive there is inconvenience.

If you are alive there are challenges.

If you are alive then every moment you have to face reality, encounter reality.

Every moment you have to be ready to change and to move.

Reality has no security and that is its beauty.

Life has no security and that is its beauty.

Because there is no security, there is adventure.

Because the future is unknown,

nobody knows what is going to happen the next moment.

That’s why there is challenge, growth, adventure.

If you miss adventure, you miss all.

If your life is not that of an adventure, of a search into the unknown,

then you are living in vain. ~ Osho

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“I don’t tackle individual problems. My whole approach is that there are millions of diseases, but there is only one cure, and that cure is meditation. “~Osho

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“Don’t be unnecessarily burdened by the past. Go on closing the chapters that you have read; there is no need to go back again and again. And never judge anything of the past from the new perspective that is arriving, because the new is new, incomparably new and the old was right in its own context, and the new is right in its own context, and they are incomparable”~Osho

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“Your home is within You.

And you are not to search for it.

You are Your home.” ~ Osho

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“Love makes you feel needed, and to be needed is the greatest need.

Nothing else can fulfill that great need.” ~ Osho

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LOVE and CARE for you , my Dearest!!!
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“Don’t try to understand life.

Live it!

Don’t try to understand love.

Move into love.

Then you will know and that knowing will come out of your experiencing” ~ Osho

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vivir como las flores
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“I am all in favor of nature.

To me, there is no other way to find truth, to find peace, to find meaningfulness, than being natural.” ~Osho

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“There is an intrinsic criterion to be understood:

That which makes you happier is good.

That which makes you blissful is the only morality.” ~Osho

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“A single seed can make the whole earth green, and a single man in revolt can create a totally new world, a totally new humanity.” ~ Osho

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“That which makes you miserable is the only sin.

That which takes you away from yourself is the only thing to be avoided.” ~Osho

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“Once humanity learns both things together ~ meditative and a scientific approach about the world ~ we will have entered into a new phase.” ~Osho

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“My whole approach is to make each individual as authentic as he is intended by nature to be ~ and all the problems of the world will disappear.” ~ Osho

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“I would like you to be known as separate from the crowds, not by anything outer, but just by your very being, your silence, your peace.” ~ Osho

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“The moment you know yourself you have known the most precious thing in existence ~ your consciousness, your bliss” ~ Osho

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“By its very nature, existence cannot have any boundary. That’s why I’m saying skies upon skies are available for your flight. Don’t be content easily.

Those who remain content easily remain small; small are their joys, small are their ecstasies, small are their silences, small is their being. But there is no need !

This smallness is your own imposition upon your freedom, upon your unlimited possibilities, upon your unlimited potential. ~ Osho

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“Rebellion is the fire, passing through which one gains freedom, individuality, integrity. And only after that can one relax and be oneself.” ~ Osho

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“Learning means learning through experience, never repeating the same mistake again, becoming more and more mindful alert.”~ Osho

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