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Existence is not a problem, that can be solved by the head. It is not a riddle to be figured out. It is a poem to be sung; it is a dance to be danced…


“Your trust in the total opens all your sensitivities to their extreme. This whole existence becomes a sheer dance, a sheer celebration.”

“There is no other greater ecstasy, no other greater blissfulness, than to know who you are.

To know the inner space is to know all.”

“Harmony is happiness, and harmony is heaven.

And harmony happens only when  you are in tune with the whole.

To be  with the whole is to be holy.”

“My whole teaching is just be yourself, never interfere with anybody else’s freedom.  Freedom is my ultimate value.”

“The truth is showering on you in each breath, in each beat of your heart.

Except truth, there is nothing,”

“Be silent and you will understand not only about Zen, you will understand the very essence of existence itself.”

“Be fully, wholly aware of your self. Because without being totally aware you will never know the beauty and splendor of this existence that surrounds you.”

“Try to understand that existence consists of polar opposites. If you choose one side, your life will remain only half; and a half-life is a miserable life.”

“Give to existence, and it will be returned to you a thousand fold; but never ask. Religion is not for beggars, it is for EMPERORS – those who can give.”

“The meaning of existence has not to be searched for by your intellect , it has to be experienced in life.”

“A full material existence with a full spiritual life – that is wholeness. And that is my message to you.”

“to be a creator means you drop the very idea that i am separate from existence. Creation happens only when you are one with the existence.”

“All that existence has is in the present. The past is only memory and the future is only imagination. The present is the only memory.”


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“Everybody is equal in the eyes of existence. But remember, equality does not mean similarity. Everybody is equally Unique.”


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Life belongs to those who drop all defense measures, because every defense measure is a mistrust in existence. Life belongs to those who trust existence.


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“Meditation opens the door of all the mysteries of existence, of all the secrets of existence. Meditation is the master key which opens all the locks.”


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“Do not miss a single moment. Squeeze the whole juice of it, and that juice will give you the taste of the existential.”