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To seek a master is to seek somebody in whom you can recognize, somebody who becomes the proof ~ in whose being you can taste something of the divine; in whose eyes you can glimpse and see something of the divine; in whose love you can feel something being showered; in whose song you can feel, you can know beyond doubt, that the infinite is flowing. The master is nothing but a reed, a flute ~ an empty flute, an emptiness. God flows through him. If you can recognize it, already you yourself have become one with it. Now others can recognize it in you and it can spread.

~ Osho ~

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Alert Alive Soul

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Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

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I WANT YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF, BECAUSE ONLY THROUGH THAT LOVE DOES PEACE DESCEND. I want you to accept yourself in toto, as you are. Not that that means there will be no growth: in fact, ONCE YOU ACCEPT YOURSELF AS YOU ARE, A GREAT EXPLOSION HAPPENS — because the energy that gets involved in conflict is released, and that energy is available for you. THAT MAKES YOU STRONG, that makes you more intelligent, that makes you more alert, that makes you more alive, that creates a soul in you. ~ Osho

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“There is an intrinsic criterion to be understood:

That which makes you happier is good.

That which makes you blissful is the only morality.” ~Osho

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golden sunrise
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Just to be in such a beautiful existence is enough to be grateful. I know no other prayer than gratefulness ~ a deep gratitude to existence. ~ Osho

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“Rejoice now! because if there is tomorrow, you will be able to rejoice more deeply. If there is no tomorrow, who cares! We have rejoiced already! ~ Osho

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“My whole approach is that of humor, and the greatest religious quality is a sense of humor – not truth, not God, not virtue – but a sense of humor.”

“the most important responsibility is not to the nation or to the church or to anybody else. The real responsibility is to yourself.”


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“Existence, nothing but existence, is the only temple. Nothing but life is the only GOD I teach you.”