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I love, becaus…

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Osho
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I love,
because my love
is not dependent
on the object of love.
My love is dependent
on my state of being.
So whether
the other person changes,
becomes different,
friend turns into a foe,
does not matter,
because my love
was never dependent
on the other person.
My love
is my state of being.
I simply love.

~ Osho ~


You are not to …

Posted: May 12, 2012 in happy, joy, Life, Osho, Quote, Thoughts
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Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are not to do anything to be happy. In fact you have done too much to become unhappy. If you want to be unhappy, do too much. If you want to be happy, allow things, allow things to be. Rest, relax, and be in a letgo. Letgo is the secret of life. When you are in a letgo many things, millions of things, start happening. They were already happening but you were never aware. ~ Osho

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God is alive when you are alive.
If you are not alive,
how can your God be alive?
Your God is yours.
If you are dead, your God is dead;
if you are alive, your God is alive.
Your God cannot be more than you,
because your God is your innermost core of being.
So if you want to know what God is,
become more alive.
If you want to know what God is,
become more divine.
If you want to know what God is,
then don’t try to
know — try to feel.
He comes through the door of the heart.
Osho ♥

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The moment your heart opens towards me, I am with you wherever you are.~OSHO


Posted: October 6, 2010 in Osho, Quote, spiritual, Thoughts
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Love is the only religion, the only god, the only mystery that hAs to be lived, understood.  When love is understood, you have understood all the sages and all the mystics of the world. ~ Osho


Posted: March 9, 2009 in awareness, being, Life, Osho, Quote, random, Thoughts, you
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The only real sharing is the sharing of your being

not your being

not your money

not your house

not anything else


only of your being.

Only that belongs to you.


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Truth happens to you in a wordless silence, in deep, deep meditation. When there is no thought, no desire, no ambition, in that state of no-mind truth descends ~ OSHO

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Real YOU!

Posted: January 3, 2009 in Life, Osho, Thoughts, you
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“I simply say you should become silent, so that you can listen to still, small voice. That is the real guide; the guide is within you.” ~ Osho

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Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

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“The real thing is to have the joy of life, that you lived courageously in your own way and wahtsoever was asked as a price, you paid it.” ~ Osho

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“Creativity certainly brings peace. And if there is creativityand there is peace, one starts feeling existence is full of goodliness.” ~ Osho

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“Live in freedom. Live authentically the life you really want to live.

Do not try to be somebody else, just be yourself.” ~ Osho

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“In the inner sky, in the inner world, freedom is the highest value; everything else is secondary – even blissfulness, ecstasy.” ~ Osho

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“To me, poetry is a higher value than science, music is a higher value than mathematics, because to me ecstasy is the source and ultimate goal of life.” ~ Osho

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“The earth is beautiful. If you start living its beauty, enjoying its joys with no guilt in your heart, you are in paradise.” ~ Osho

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“Everybody is so unique that if he follows somebody else he will be only an imitator. He will never know his own essential being.” ~ Osho

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“The moment you are in an absolute let-go, the ultimate law of life is clear to you. It is let-go totality – no conflict with existence, a merger, a communion.” ~ Osho

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“A small human heart is capable of filling the whole universe with love. But first it has to learn the art; and you have to begin with yourself.” ~ Osho

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“Friendliness is the purest thing you can conceive about love. It is so pure that you cannot even call it a flower, you can only call it a fragrance.” ~ Osho

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“Rajneesh” Chandra Mohan Jain (Hindi: रजनीश चन्द्र मोहन जैन) (December 11, 1931January 19, 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh from the 1960s onwards, calling himself Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh during the 1970s and 1980s and taking the name Osho in 1989, was an Indian mystic and spiritual teacher.

Osho’s syncretic teachings emphasise the importance of meditation, awareness, love, celebration, creativityhumour – qualities that in his view are suppressed by adherence to static belief systems, religious tradition and socialisation. His teachings have had a notable impact on Western New Age thought,[1][2]

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“Drop comparison. You are Unique.Nobody else is like you, nobody else has ever been like you and nobody else is ever going to be like you.” ~ Osho

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