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I love, becaus…

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Osho
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I love,
because my love
is not dependent
on the object of love.
My love is dependent
on my state of being.
So whether
the other person changes,
becomes different,
friend turns into a foe,
does not matter,
because my love
was never dependent
on the other person.
My love
is my state of being.
I simply love.

~ Osho ~


“Love is divine. Love is like light. When there is light, darkness cannot exist. When there is love, fear cannot exist.” ~Osho

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Love knows nothing of fear, and trust knows nothing of fear.

Just as light has never seen darkness.

Love and trust have never met fear.

Logic or Love

Posted: July 29, 2008 in experience, Life, love, Osho, Quote, Thoughts, you
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Real intelligence is of the Heart.

It is not intellectual, it is emotional.

It is not like thinking. It is like feeling.

It is not Logic. It is Love.


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Love is eternity.

If it is there, then it goes on growing & growing.

Love knows the beginning but does not know the end.

Existence is not a problem, that can be solved by the head. It is not a riddle to be figured out. It is a poem to be sung; it is a dance to be danced…

Love is another name for understanding. It is only in the eyes of love which can see, and the ears of love which can hear…

I do not want you to renounce anything. Renunciation is for the retarded; transformation is for those who are intelligent.”

“Freedom is the very essential core of human consciousness; love is its circumference and freedom is its center. These two fulfilled, life has no regret.”

Love and Logic never meet, can not meet. Logic means the outward Journey, Love means the inward Journey.

“Love is a basic need, as basic as freedom; so both have to be fulfilled. And, a man who is full of Love & Free is the most beautiful phenomenon in the wold.”


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“Meditation is a must before you can really love. One should be capable of being alone, utterly alone, and yet tremendously blissful.

Then you can LOVE.”

I teach the unique individual. Respect yourself, love yourself, because there has never been a person like you and there never will be again.

“Out of Love, everything is right.

Love is the magic that transforms everything into right.”

“Be thankful for what has been given to you – and life is giving you so much that your thankfulness is always going to fall short.”

Whole of life has to be your temple
Work has to be your worship
Love has to be your prayer
This very body the Buddha, this very earth is Lotus Paradise.

“I say to you, go to your sleep with a thankful of heart for all that life has given to you – all the laughters, all the loves, all the beautiful flowers.”

“Your joy, your love, your peace does something without your knowing to everything that is around you.”

“Anything that you transform into commodity becomes profane. Anything  that you love for its own sake immediately becomes holy, sacred.”


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“Love is non-possessive. Love is nothing to do with somebody else. It is your state of Being.”