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Truth n Heart

Posted: July 29, 2008 in being, joy, Life, Osho, Quote, random, Thoughts, you
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The beauty of truth is that when it reaches you, your heart simply jumps in joy.

It knows!

Truth synchronizes with your heart. It has the same rhythm.


This is the Glory of man. He is very small but bigger than the sky, because something in him is unique – the inquiry.

“Your trust in the total opens all your sensitivities to their extreme. This whole existence becomes a sheer dance, a sheer celebration.”

“There is no other greater ecstasy, no other greater blissfulness, than to know who you are.

To know the inner space is to know all.”

“Harmony is happiness, and harmony is heaven.

And harmony happens only when  you are in tune with the whole.

To be  with the whole is to be holy.”

“My whole teaching is just be yourself, never interfere with anybody else’s freedom.  Freedom is my ultimate value.”

“Be silent and you will understand not only about Zen, you will understand the very essence of existence itself.”

“Be fully, wholly aware of your self. Because without being totally aware you will never know the beauty and splendor of this existence that surrounds you.”

“I do not give you any discipline, any philosophy. I simply help you to bring out your own Consciousness into a state flowering.”

“Growth means you are not moving in a circle, that something new is happening every day, every moment.”

“Man is a musical instrument, but we do not know how to play upon it. Great music is hidden in everyone, but it has to be stuck.”

“A full material existence with a full spiritual life – that is wholeness. And that is my message to you.”

“I say to you, go to your sleep with a thankful of heart for all that life has given to you – all the laughters, all the loves, all the beautiful flowers.”

“My whole approach is that of humor, and the greatest religious quality is a sense of humor – not truth, not God, not virtue – but a sense of humor.”

“Your joy, your love, your peace does something without your knowing to everything that is around you.”

“You have to live your life according to your own light and you have to move wherever life leads, without any compromise.”

“the most important responsibility is not to the nation or to the church or to anybody else. The real responsibility is to yourself.”

“to be a creator means you drop the very idea that i am separate from existence. Creation happens only when you are one with the existence.”

“Truth is as simple as anything can be. You have to be just silent, understanding, ready, and it is revealed to you.”

“A moment of truth is more valuable than a hundred years of life, because a moment of truth makes you part of eternity.”