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“My whole approach is that of humor, and the greatest religious quality is a sense of humor – not truth, not God, not virtue – but a sense of humor.”


“Your joy, your love, your peace does something without your knowing to everything that is around you.”

“You have to live your life according to your own light and you have to move wherever life leads, without any compromise.”

“the most important responsibility is not to the nation or to the church or to anybody else. The real responsibility is to yourself.”

“to be a creator means you drop the very idea that i am separate from existence. Creation happens only when you are one with the existence.”

“Truth is as simple as anything can be. You have to be just silent, understanding, ready, and it is revealed to you.”

“A moment of truth is more valuable than a hundred years of life, because a moment of truth makes you part of eternity.”

“Anything that you transform into commodity becomes profane. Anything  that you love for its own sake immediately becomes holy, sacred.”

“Imperfection is way of life, because it is possible to grow only if you are imperfect. If you are perfect there is no more growth, no more evolution.”


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“Love is non-possessive. Love is nothing to do with somebody else. It is your state of Being.”
  • “Find out the total secret of your being, because in finding the whole secret of your being you will find the whole secret of universe.”

“To be in tune with the whole, to feel the harmony and the joy and the sheer celebration of being here, that is spirituality.”

“Meditation, perhaps, is the only alchemy that can transform a beggar into an emperor.”

“Truth is not difficult, love is not difficult, joy is not difficult. You have just to start living it.”

“The world is as you are, it is complicated, if you are complicated. It is very simple , if you are simple . In the other words you the world.”

“Be spontaneous. Never act out of the past; always act out of the present moment. This moment is all there is.”

“Freedom is never out of fear, freedom is out of great awareness.”

“Love gives you the first insight into eternity; love is the only experience that transcends time.”

“Unless your life becomes a feast and a festival, remember you have not done the thing you have come for on this earth.”

“My meditation is a method of being aware – of what ever you are doing, thinking, feeling. On all the three  layers  you have to become aware.”