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Posted: July 8, 2008 in awareness, being, Life, Osho, Quote, random, Thoughts, you
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“Remember, unless you want to be disturbed, nothing can disturb you. If you remain just watcher then the disturbances will come and go.”


You are utterly unique, incomparably unique. You need not be like somebody else, you need not be an imitator, you have to be authentically yourself.

“Truth is never traditional and tradition is never true. Tradition belongs to the crowd and truth belongs to individual inquirers.”

“Your trust in the total opens all your sensitivities to their extreme. This whole existence becomes a sheer dance, a sheer celebration.”

“There is no other greater ecstasy, no other greater blissfulness, than to know who you are.

To know the inner space is to know all.”

“Harmony is happiness, and harmony is heaven.

And harmony happens only when  you are in tune with the whole.

To be  with the whole is to be holy.”

“My whole teaching is just be yourself, never interfere with anybody else’s freedom.  Freedom is my ultimate value.”

“Be silent and you will understand not only about Zen, you will understand the very essence of existence itself.”

“Be fully, wholly aware of your self. Because without being totally aware you will never know the beauty and splendor of this existence that surrounds you.”

“Witnessing is the greatest miracle in the in the world, because it takes you out of the world, because  it  takes  you  out of the circle  of birth & death and gives you wings to fly into the eternal sky.”

“There is no other miracle in the world than meditation. It is the only science of transforming you into a new man.”

“If you want life, then for life there is no fixed road.

Life is here and now, multidimensional, spreading in every  direction.”

“Give to existence, and it will be returned to you a thousand fold; but never ask. Religion is not for beggars, it is for EMPERORS – those who can give.”

“Out of Love, everything is right.

Love is the magic that transforms everything into right.”

“The meaning of existence has not to be searched for by your intellect , it has to be experienced in life.”

“Meditation, if it is true, is bound to overflow into compassion. Just as when a lamp is lit, it immediately starts radiating light.”

“If you are beautiful deep within you, only then can the beauty flow from you. Only out of beautiful life, a beautiful painting is born.”

“Bliss is an outcome of simply being natural. Bliss is not an achievement, it is a by-product of relaxing with yourself, of simply being that which you are.”

“If you are intelligent you will see the futility of greed. If you are intelligent you will start living rather than preparing to live”

“I say to you, go to your sleep with a thankful of heart for all that life has given to you – all the laughters, all the loves, all the beautiful flowers.”