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“Any truth that is not found by you is not truth. Truth is truth only when you have found it.” ~ Osho

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Truth happens to you in a wordless silence, in deep, deep meditation. When there is no thought, no desire, no ambition, in that state of no-mind truth descends ~ OSHO

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Acharya Shree OSHO Anand

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“Truth is an absolutely silent state of being, so silent that you almost disappear, so silent that you become simply an awareness.” ~ Osho

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You can attain to truth any moment, any place, because truth is always available, you just have to become available to it. ~ Osho

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“Unless you have the courage to doubt you will never come to know the truth. Your truth will always be borrowed. And a borrowed truth is not a truth.”


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“Truth is understood by a conciousness that is no longer clouded by any conditionings, which is no longer clouded by the past.”

Only when you are in deep intimate relationship with life, does life open its heart to you. In that very opening one comes to know what truth is.


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Remember, all following is blind.

There is no other kind.

I cannot show anything other than yourself, because that is the truth.

You are the truth.

From the very conception to the very end, the man is an inquiry into the search  for truth. And if you are not searching for truth, you are not a man.

“Truth is never traditional and tradition is never true. Tradition belongs to the crowd and truth belongs to individual inquirers.”

“The truth is showering on you in each breath, in each beat of your heart.

Except truth, there is nothing,”

“A truth cannot be read in a scripture, a truth has to be lived only in the innermost temple of your being.”

“Meditation, if it is true, is bound to overflow into compassion. Just as when a lamp is lit, it immediately starts radiating light.”

“My whole approach is that of humor, and the greatest religious quality is a sense of humor – not truth, not God, not virtue – but a sense of humor.”

“Truth is as simple as anything can be. You have to be just silent, understanding, ready, and it is revealed to you.”

“A moment of truth is more valuable than a hundred years of life, because a moment of truth makes you part of eternity.”

“Truth is not difficult, love is not difficult, joy is not difficult. You have just to start living it.”

“Truth brings a sense of humor; truth brings laughter; truth brings a subtle happiness, for no reason at all.”


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Truth not only saves you, it also saves other through you. Truth not only becomes freedom to you, it becomes a door of freedom for many others.