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God is alive when you are alive.
If you are not alive,
how can your God be alive?
Your God is yours.
If you are dead, your God is dead;
if you are alive, your God is alive.
Your God cannot be more than you,
because your God is your innermost core of being.
So if you want to know what God is,
become more alive.
If you want to know what God is,
become more divine.
If you want to know what God is,
then don’t try to
know — try to feel.
He comes through the door of the heart.
Osho ♥

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“Drop comparison. You are Unique.Nobody else is like you, nobody else has ever been like you and nobody else is ever going to be like you.” ~ Osho

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“just find yourself and you have found everything. there in no other GOD,

there is no other heaven. there is nothing except your flame of life.”

“A full material existence with a full spiritual life – that is wholeness. And that is my message to you.”

“the most important responsibility is not to the nation or to the church or to anybody else. The real responsibility is to yourself.”


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You are part of a great whole and that great whole is part of you. You are not alone. Through you the cosmos is progressing, evolving.