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“Language is for Non-Lovers, those who are not in Love. 
For Lovers, Silence is enough Language. Without saying anything, They go on speaking.” 

~ Osho


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“With the disappearance of the mind, disappears the self. Then there is only a certain quality of awareness, with no ‘I’ in it. At the most you can call it something similar to ‘am-ness,’ but not ‘I-ness.’ To be even more exact, it is ‘is-ness’ because even in am-ness some shadow of the ‘I’ is still there. The moment you know its is-ness, it has become universal.”

~ Osho 

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Make it a point: 
whatsoever — sadness, anger 
whatsoever — depression, unhappiness-
be with it 

And you will suddenly become surprised that 
if you remain with sadness, 
sadness changes into a beautiful thing, 
sadness becomes a depth. 

If you remain with anger, not thinking about,
just being with, anger is transformed; 
it becomes forgiveness. 

~ Osho ~

Sadness has its own beauty.

It has tremendous depth, it has its own calmness, quietness, softness.

It is a beautifull experience. So don’t try to avoid it.

If you avoid it, you are avoiding the door to silence.

Enjoy it, receive it with open hands, embrace it.

The more you are welcoming, the sooner 

sadness will start changing into silence.

~Osho ~

You are not to …

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Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain)

Osho („Rajneesh“ Chandra Mohan Jain) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You are not to do anything to be happy. In fact you have done too much to become unhappy. If you want to be unhappy, do too much. If you want to be happy, allow things, allow things to be. Rest, relax, and be in a letgo. Letgo is the secret of life. When you are in a letgo many things, millions of things, start happening. They were already happening but you were never aware. ~ Osho

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